Does everything happen for a reason?

I find it fascinating that when people are going through hard times, they say ‘everything happens for a reason’, as if this is part of the journey. Whatever hard times there are, it is par for the course; disguised lessons.

Conversely, when something good happens in someone’s life, we always credit ourselves. Someone gets a job, a relationship, or some other success and we pat ourselves on the back for all our hard work.

Why the divergence in thought? Is it because it’s easier to think that everything does happen for a reason, rather than take the blame for things that are not going so well in one’s life? Do we want to claim personal responsibility when things do go right?

Regarding the free will vs. determinism debate, I am not sure what I believe. There are times that feel like everything does happen for a reason. You might not realize it in that moment, but just like a story, it unravels over time and presents itself.  There are other times in life, when I’ve made mistakes. Some mistakes with more severe consequences. I’ve made some mistakes numerous times and I’ve cursed myself again and again that I didn’t learn. I know for a fact that those things were my doing and could have been prevented.

But maybe it did mean something in the whole scheme of things, even though it seemed utterly pointless, sad, or ridiculous at the time.

Right now, I am feeling like everything makes sense; that maybe everything does happen for a reason. I don’t want to get caught into that trap though, and have it paralyze rather than empower me. I want to create a life that is extraordinary, magical, full of adventure, and genuine. To be authentic as much as possible, without fear, judgment or doubt.

This weekend my thoughts are going wild. I am attending the awesomely inspiring World Domination Summit. Since I can’t afford the $500 price tag, I’m volunteering 🙂 I also attended a friend’s wedding that was in the park. It was a potluck, very casual, just a few friends and family. It was perfect. A reminder of the simple things and all that we need and an inspiration for a frugal, fun wedding!

I have one more day of crazy WDS business, and then back to work. Thanks to all who dealt with my whining thoughts about blogging. I’m feeling more inspired, and more committed to listening to myself and what I want and need.

How is your weekend shaping up? Do you think everything happens for a reason?


6 responses to “Does everything happen for a reason?

  1. I hope you have an amazing time at the WDS. You bring up an interesting argument about whether things are pre-determined and whether they happen for a reason. I think some opportunities and some obstacles come to us and can’t be explained, but it’s largely up to us to make the choices as to what to do about them.

    • Some things definitely seem unexplainable for sure! I think largely how we react defines how we perceive the situation. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. I’m still not sure what to think about that. I do hate it when people say that line to a mom with a terminally ill child or something. I want to punch those people in throat, but I say it to myself all the time. Like with my car….what kind of lesson is “life” teaching me about it breaking down all the time. Obviously it’s not my fault as I’ve taken care of it properly, but am I taking responsibly and making the right decisions “because” of it breaking down…meaning do I get a new one, or hold on to it, etc. Let me know if you find out the answer! 🙂

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