A weekend celebration

I’m headed out this weekend to Silver Falls State Park to hike for a few hours, and then we’re going to check into a hotel.  We’ve been planning this weekend for a while and I am so glad it is finally here! We get to spend some alone time together, relax and celebrate the many good things this year has brought us.

What we are celebrating:

  • 5 year anniversary! (Yes, it’s been that long! 2 of them long-distance, which was so hard, but we made it. Woo hoo!)
  • Getting a full time job that I LOVE!
  • Him finishing his final recital and graduating from school!
  • Finishing my first successful event at my new job!

The past six months, and especially the first four months of the year were really stressful. It felt like time was ticking for both of us. My contract was coming to end and school was just about over for him. I was so scared that I would not be able to find a job after my contract ended (like the first time) and that we would both be unemployed. I kept thinking about how stressful that would be on our relationship. I know we would survive, but we’ve gone through a lot and I was just hoping that we could get a break, to not be in panic mode all the time.

And we got it! My partner has been so supportive of me throughout this process. He’s seen me cry, yell, and just be a nasty person because of my anger and depression. He’s been patient with me and always knew I was amazing and that something worthwhile would work out. He gave me hope when I thought there was none.

I am happy to report that he has some freelance projects lined up and is working as well. We both want to grow our incomes and work, so that we are moving together on a path of debt repayment, while also enjoying life.

I feel like for the first time in years, I can breathe. We are both done completing huge goals and have things lined up. It feels like maybe our hard work was worth something. I wish my old self could’ve believed it would all work out and not wasted so much time crying, but now I know to have faith. I know there will more rough patches ahead (there always are), but that I should remain calm, centered, remember what I’m grateful for and keep working towards my goals. That’s all I can do.

I’m also ecstatic (sort of, painfully so) that I dropped $1,200 on my student loans. It felt good to drop that much, but damn that’s how much I paid for both of our tickets to Iceland! Ugh! Anyways, we are going to have a fun weekend ahead. Hiking, hot tub, hotel, no computers, wine, gardens and more.

I’m unplugging and finally relaxing (which is good, because I just booked more work for next weekend!).

I hope all of you have a great, regenerative weekend.

With love and gratitude,

Do or Debt


12 responses to “A weekend celebration

  1. You can just FEEL the relief when you read your words! Congrats on finding a way to sanity. Isn’t it great how good things in life appear at the right time?

    • Life is amazing like that sometimes. When you feel like you are at your absolute breaking point, something comes in and changes everything. My mental landscape has completely changed…if you want to know how drastically, just read my old posts 😉

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