Why is it that….

As soon as you get some extra money, a bill, or unexpected expense arises seemingly out of nowhere for almost the same amount?

My mom called me a few weeks ago and reminded me that she had been saving a small amount of money for me ($10/mo) since I started graduate school and wanted to give it to me. I had no recollection of this, so of course I was happy to get roughly $300 that I wasn’t expecting.

A few days later, I realized I was on my last pack of birth control pills. Crap. My insurance from my job doesn’t kick in until September. Last year, I got my birth control pills from Planned Parenthood, and because I qualified as low-income, I got them for free. I called them again this time around, but now I make ‘too much money’ and don’t qualify for the free program.

Ok, I get it. I should pay my fair share now that I am making more money. They want to charge me $130 for a consultation and $55/mo for the pills! To get my prescription from now until September, will cost me about $300.

Money in, money out. It felt so nice to have that extra money, even for just a bit. And in a sense, it still is extra money, as I won’t have to go out of my own formal budget to pay for it. It’s just annoying. I was looking forward to paying off more debt.

I asked them why I needed a consultation, if I saw them last year and they know my health history. Apparently, I have to have a current one in order to get a prescription. I have to play by their rules.

Have you been in a similar financial situation? Tell me your story!


13 responses to “Why is it that….

  1. I inherited the bad budgeting gene from my mom. My fiancé is trying his hardest to teach me how to save and spend accordingly. I need more discipline but things like what happened to you happen to me way too often. On the bright side it’s almost like you got free pills because like you said you didn’t have to reach into your own budget.

    • Mine are free now too. If you haven’t already purchased them from planned parenthood I would ask your pharmacist. You might need a script, so you’d need the exam, but $55 a month sounds way too high unless you’re taking something that doesn’t have a generic etc.

    • I wonder if that’s if you have insurance already? Not sure. I think PP has different guidelines based on state and income. Either way, I’m hoping it’s resolved soon.

  2. That blows – I had a similar situation when I sold something on Ebay for ~$180, only to have a car repair that practically cost that much to the penny. I thought the same as Tonya – I thought it was free now, but is it only for people with insurance? If the latter is the case, at least it’ll be free starting September.

    • Such is life! I’m thinking it is for people with insurance, not sure everything is confusing. Will look into using my Rx somewhere else though.

  3. Can I say that at least you had the money to cover it instead of dipping into savings?

    This happens to me a lot actually. I can’t recall the last exact time this happened but it always seems to work out that I have cash that came in just as I needed it.

    • Yes, it’s a great thing that I have it for sure! I hate dipping into savings and have done so to pay off more debt, but I’d rather not spend it on this, so the extra money is coming in handy.

  4. I call that a blessing (or luck depending on your beliefs)! Many a time I’ve had overtime, monetary gift, or bonus and planned to save the funds and an unexpected need (car repair, medical expense, etc) for the money I was going to put to savings. I saw it as blessing the money was there when I needed!!

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