May Recap/June Update

It’s June 1st already! Wow, time flies. I’ve been blogging for six months and so much has changed—in a good way!

I am so glad May is over, for budgeting purposes at least. I started my new job and celebrated a bit too much. It was years of pent up depression and anger, just wanting to release itself in the form of celebration. I also had to spend money on getting a new driver’s license, take a class for my job (out of my own initiative), we bought a couch for $50 (that’s a steal!) and I took some friends out for dinner who helped me prepare for some of the technical stuff required for my job.

Thank you to those who responded to my What’s Next post! It will come in handy, because I am making my June budget this weekend. In January, I had only made my budget until May because I knew how much I’d be making and that I had a job until at least May. After that, it was anyone’s guess and I didn’t want to create a budget if there was no reason to have one (i.e. don’t spend ANY money besides necessities). Now I have a job, a better salary and I have 5 months of data to show my spending habits. I’m pretty good in all areas, except going out! Every month I try to be better and somehow I fail. It’s just so easy.  And you can sort of justify it because you need to eat. I am not going to beat myself up about it, but know that this is my Achilles’ heel and that I need to be super mindful of it.

I just got my first paycheck yesterday! Hooray! Unfortunately, because it came so late, it’s now going straight to rent. This was the lowest month for paying back my student loans in my blogging history. I’m down only $700 and at least $250 went to interest. Sigh. From here on out, I need to put down at least $1000 per month if not more.  Looking at those numbers makes me sad. I fantasize about all the trips I could be taking every month! Or the flush savings and retirement I could have!

Coulda, woulda, shoulda….

My student loans are now at $51,760.  I cannot wait to get under 50k! It will feel amazing.  Today and tomorrow I am doing some side hustling, which should be able to bring in several hundred dollars. Also, I have family in town this weekend and next! A lot of things going on here, but all of them good. I am so happy to say I only have good problems and I am so privileged!

How was May for you? Any exciting plans for June?


6 responses to “May Recap/June Update

  1. $750 is still awesome, and you’ll definitely be under $50k soon enough! I agree about going out – I always tell myself to pre-eat so I eat something small when hanging out with friends, but I still tend to indulge. Have fun with your fam!

  2. You’re doing so great! I can totally understand how you wanted to do some celebrating and whatnot after you got your job. You’ll settle into a routine and get back on track! May was a budgeting disaster but I plan on being straight and narrow for June. It will be interesting because I’ll be on “vacation” in Detroit for two weeks. Hoping my dad takes me out for some meals and some movies. lol!

  3. Don’t feel bad about the loans. Now that you’ve started your new job you’ll really be able to attack the debt! May was OK for me, but pretty hectic at work, so I’m glad to have a fresh start with June.

  4. Our spending was terrible in May. I’m watching it like a hawk in June…not going to let that happen again!

    You are doing great! I can’t wait to hear that your loans are under 50K.

  5. May wasn’t bad, but June is going to be pretty rough for us. Some planned major expenses and now we are fighting a lawsuit over a debt that is already in repayment…

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