Sunday Worship

Welcome to my church of personal finance.  Every Most Sundays, I will be sharing my favorite posts of the week.


Great post from Daisy at Add Vodka, Deprivation Leads to Excess.

I know I’ve tried to not have ANY fun money at all, and I always fail when I do that. I realize having a small fun or entertainment budget is necessary and helps my sanity, and helps me stay in budget. I think sometimes, when you cut something out completely, it makes you want it more. Moderation, moderation, moderation!

So proud of Girl Meets Debt for being good this weekend.  In A Weekend Full of Consumerist Temptations, she tells us about going shopping with her family and gives great advice for recovering shopaholics.

The cutest post of the week has to be from one of the best cats on the internet. Budget and the Beach’s cat Pepe wrote, Do I need an Emergency Fund?: One Cat’s dilemma

In my own personal finance news, I dropped an additional $800 this week on debt. I wanted to pay more, but need to budget for life’s upcoming uncertainty. I got a few more checks from my side hustles and booked some more gigs for May. I am taking a break from side hustles in April due to burnout Jan-March and it is doing wonders. I am also doing great with the no-drinking challenge! I went to an awesome happy hour with local bloggers this week and ordered root beer. I am finding my energy levels have increased, I’m happier, and am feeling less inclined to drink when I feel stressed. All positive things I would say. I look forward to writing a post about it, once I am done with the challenge.

Now, 9 more days of staying in budget, no drinking, and no going out. Not that I’m counting. 🙂 I hope you all had a great weekend and that you continue to make your personal finance dreams come true.


2 responses to “Sunday Worship

  1. Thanks for the blog mention! Pepe feels honored! 🙂 I’m still going strong with the no-drinking in April challenge, but I have to say for me I’ve noticed NO difference in overall health, and in fact makes me crave worse things like ice cream, which I caved and bought on Friday, then felt like I had a ice cream hangover the next day. 🙂 It think for me, moderation is the best thing. Like one beer after my 8 mile beach run yesterday would have aided in recover and tastes do good on the hot beach…but instead I was agitated I made such strict rules for myself.

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