Sunday Worship

Welcome to my church of personal finance. Every Most Sundays, I will be sharing my favorite posts of the week.


I finally heard back about the job that I spent 4 hours of my life interviewing for. I didn’t get the job, but no real surprise there. Usually, I get upset, depressed or angry but to be honest, I was kind of relieved about this one. I don’t have to move back to LA and buy a car! I had another great interview with a local organization here in Portland. It was only suppose to be an hour, but we chatted for an hour and a half.  They felt like my people.  I also have another possible opportunity on the horizon, so we will see. I am feeling more positive given the momentum and trying to stay hopeful, diligent and hustlin’! Also, my partner got a small raise from his job, which is awesome! I ended up working overtime this week at my job, because there was so much to do, which is great for my finances in the short term. Work attracts work, so hoping to keep that going! I also (finally) picked up a copy of Your Money or Your Life, per Johnny Moneyseed’s recommendation. I am digging it so far.

Here are my favorite links of the week:

My Cancer Story– Debt Perception –such an inspiring story! If she can overcome all of those obstacles, I know she can overcome this pesky debt.

Are you offended by free stuff?– So Over This–as a part time brand ambassador, you’d be amazed at how many people scoff at free stuff, even if there is not a catch. This story is so fascinating!

Confession time: naming my fears– NZ Muse–Congrats to NZ Muse for naming her fears in public. Sometimes naming what’s going on in our brains, hearts and souls can be so therapeutic and necessary. I have many of the same fears, but I know she will be fine!

“I used to suck with money” -Johnny Moneyseed– Loved this personal anecdote of recovery and financial independence!

Beyond Money: How to find happiness in your 20’s (or any time)– Jeffrey Tull at Moneyspruce– Great article! This was very moving and timely for me right now. I have my ups and downs all the time and sometimes I feel like I am driving myself (and partner) crazy. I think the best advice is to let go of fear and trust that things will be ok.

Also, I’m on day #7 of no alcohol. Doing pretty well! It’s been tempting, let me tell you. Working overtime and being stressed hasn’t helped. I successfully said no to drinking last night at a birthday party when everyone else was. I haven’t gone out to eat either, minus the party, which was planned before my challenge. When I want a drink, or to go out to eat, I think what can I do instead to manage this craving? Any extra money I save from this challenge, is of course going to my debt! I’d really love to get my graduate loans at 43k or less before my contract is up. My undergrad loans are still slowly getting chipped away at about 9k. I guess I’ll just keep on moving!

I hope everyone had a fantastic, peaceful, relaxing weekend!


8 responses to “Sunday Worship

  1. Thanks for the double-mention! And I’m glad to here you picked up the book. It’s such a liberating read. One which I plan to do annually. I’m glad you didn’t get the job that would have forced you to move to LA and buy a car. I mean that in the best possible way.

    • You’re welcome! It’s been so inspiring and helpful so far. I totally agree–it’s really great that I didn’t get the job. I’m from LA and don’t want to live there again. I’d rather live in Portland, which is saying a lot! I’m better off hustlin’ here, then being unhappy, having to buy a car, and commute two hours a day!

  2. That’s awesome there’s a prospective opportunity in Portland that you like – best wishes for it! Double great job on the no alcohol, it’s amazing how much people save by not drinking!

  3. Thanks for the mention! And great job on your no alcohol/dining out challenges! Keep it up! I think in the end it will be a lot easier for you to say no once in a while. 🙂

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