Luxuries for Less

What if I told you that you could get a facial, pedicure, haircut, massage and three course gourmet meal for $69? Would you believe me? As of two weeks ago, I wouldn’t believe it either.

But let me rewind a bit….

I never buy cosmetic or self-care luxuries. On average, I get my haircut once a year and that’s usually when my mom is in town and thinks my hair is too shaggy and she agrees to pay for it. I also get a pedicure about once a year, when I’m visiting my mom in LA so we can have some ‘girl time’. Once again, she spoils me. I haven’t had a facial and massage in years (even though I LOVE them), mostly because the cost is so prohibitive.

About two weeks ago, I realized it’s been about a year since I cut my hair. My hair was starting to look dingy, like a particularly long, scraggly rat-tail.  Knowing that my mom wasn’t coming up any time soon, I had to face the music. Buying my own haircut. My boyfriend had recommended a beauty school in the area and said they were great and super affordable.

Turns out the beauty school offered haircuts for $10! So I indulged, and today I spent a whopping $10 to get my hair did, cutting off all that nastiness. I feel great! All the compliments I’ve receive don’t hurt either! I can confidently say that I felt completely comfortable at the school and that it was professional, welcoming and exceeded my expectations. They do take a little longer than usual as they have teachers by their side providing on-site instruction. Nonetheless, I was still out of there in two hours and it was relaxing and fun! I found out the beauty school has a full service student salon as well—and has facials for $13 and pedicures for $12!

In my research, I also found a massage school that gives 45 minute massages for $25! The local culinary institute also offers a three course lunch for only $9. I am so excited about all of this! I will spread out the treats in the coming months, but I am just glad they exist. Although on one hand, I feel we are taking advantage of student labor, in these cases it is great hands on experience for them, and benefits the public! Win!

Let’s look at the costs:

Haircut at school = $10  *Professional Haircut= $25-$100

Massage at school = $25 Professional massage= $60-$100

Pedicure at school =$12 Professional pedicure = $20

Facial at school = $13 Professional facial = $35-$100

Gourmet lunch at school = $9 Professional gourmet lunch = $20-$40

*There is quite a range even within professional level businesses.

Even at the lowest margin, the professional services would be $160 up to much more! That’s a savings of $91 at least.  I feel like I’ve hit luxuries-on-the-cheap gold here.  I’m lucky to live in a city that offers all these things, but I am sure similar places exist in other cities.

Have you ever gone to a school for a professional service? Do you have any other tips for getting luxuries for less?


11 responses to “Luxuries for Less

  1. Yup, I’ve had plenty of haircuts by students and they were all awesome. Also been to the student restaurant at a culinary school – thumbs up to that too.

  2. There is a Donato salon school literally down the street from me and I love them! Before my wedding last year, I was getting a lot of treatments and bi-weekly mani/pedis so everything would look great for my big day and that place helped keep the costs down big time! Groupons can be good too for these kind of deals.

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  4. My grandma ALWAYS goes to the beauty school in her town. She also gets a discount because she is over the age of 55. She pays $6 dollars for weekly blowout and curl. I wanted to get a mani-pedi when visiting her so she took me to the beauty school she got me the “hook up” and we ended up paying $12 or $15. Nice!

    • LOL, I know right? I chose right! He is a student, so very frugal (see broke) so he found the beauty school on his own. He has longer hair than most guys, so it’s important that he find a place to cut his hair on the cheap.

  5. Wow that’s amazing! I just wrote a blog about my expensive haircuts. I’m a little more cautious with my hair, but I would love to get a meal, facial, and massage for a great price!

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