Sunday Worship

Welcome to my church of personal finance. Every Sunday, I will be sharing my favorite posts of the week.


It’s been an awesome week. I went to a great meetup with @FrugalPortland, @Retireby40 and @JDRoth! What great people! I had a wonderful time and even practiced my Spanish with JD. I also went to a dance class (free!), a potluck with friends and just completed three different side hustles this weekend. I’m tired, but feel good– the gigs should put some extra income in my pocket to put towards my debt.

Moving on, here are my favorite posts of the week:

Reach Financial Independence, What is your survival budget?

Note: Luckily my survival budget is pretty close to my current budget. I allow some fun and luxuries, but my budget is pretty bare bones. This article offers a nice perspective on the minimum amount of money a person would need, when in dire straights. My current emergency fund is based on a survival budget and does not account for extras. Is your current budget drastically different than your survival budget?

Girl Meets Debt, Observations from my previous jobs

Hilarious and awesome!

Frugal Portland, Remembering Leaner Times

Note: Kathleen at Frugal Portland is a badass. She’s been so kind, awesome and totally helpful with my all my inane blogging questions. I am grateful for her inviting me to meetups and being a great blog mentor. Her most recent post really hit home for me and reminds me to stay positive and remember that things will change.

I hope everyone else is having an awesome week too! If you are celebrating St. Paddy’s Day, please have an Irish Coffee for me? 🙂


8 responses to “Sunday Worship

  1. I don’t know how I missed this but thank you — how sweet are you? I love love love that you reached out to me! Now I have another friend in Portland.

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