Red Tape

Playing hooky from Sunday Worship today…..don’t tell anyone though. I thought I’d share something I wrote a while back, being frustrated with various bureaucracies. Whether applying for food stamps, unemployment, trying to call the doctor, or calling the registrar at a school to confirm payments, sometimes it seems no one knows what they are doing. Not only do they not know what they are doing, they don’t care about helping you. If time is money, then dealing with this red tape, is a big ol’ money drain.

My ode to wasting time…..

Red Tape

Hold on
One moment
Someone will be right with you
May I help you?
Please sign here
You forgot this part
Oh, you’re in the wrong place
Who are you here to see?
We don’t do that
Let me call someone that might know what you’re talking about
This will take two weeks
We don’t give out that information
Please hold, the line is busy
Wait time, 10 minutes
All lines are STILL busy, wait time 30 minutes
You’ve reached the wrong number
Who is this?
well let me refer you….


2 responses to “Red Tape

  1. I recently heard of someone trying to follow-up on their disability benefits with the State and each time they called the 800# they received a message “we’ve reached our quota for the day, please try again later”. This happened at all times of the day which lead to the person making an in-person visit. Mind you this person was recovering from surgery and should not have had this aggravation.

  2. Or my personal favorite. She’s not available, can I transfer you to her voicemail? Then, “the voicemail box you’re trying to reach is full” Full of other people also trying to get in touch with a real live person. Ugg

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