Sunday Worship

Welcome to my church of personal finance. Every Sunday, I will be sharing my favorite posts of the week.


Hello! It’s a sunny day in Portland! That is reason enough to be happy! It’s been a killer weekend of productivity—cleaning, groceries, reading, watching movies, applying for jobs and doing some investigative research for future blog posts. Feeling good, motivated and ready to kill this week. Oh, and I also got a payment already from my gig last weekend, which is unheard of, so I threw an additional $250 at my debt today.

Check out my favorite posts this week in the personal finance world.

Budgets are Sexy, “Oh you are so lucky, you must be rich” (I can do a SERMON on this one!)

Girl with the Red Balloon, What bootstraps? (I totally agree, we have to take race, class, gender and education into consideration when talking about personal finance. Sometimes it’s not as easy as just ‘work harder’, ‘save more’.

Club Thrifty, Majestic Colonial Punta Cana: A review (I loved living vicariously through Greg and Holly. My travel itch is so bad, but for now I can keep dreaming).

My Alternate Life, Dealing with Debt as a Millenial (I could relate to a lot of the points in the post and it resonated with me deeply. Makes me wonder what our generation will be known for)

That’s it for now—keep on living, paying off debt and following your bliss.

3 responses to “Sunday Worship

  1. Great links, especially the Bootstraps one… puts things in perspective. Great job with putting down another $250!

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