2013-The Year of Being Uncomfortable


This year, I really want to push my boundaries. I want to try new things that get me out of my comfort zone and make me uncomfortable. Lately, I’ve been meditating, doing yoga, running and I’m about to go run off to another country for 4 days where I know no one. And, I started this blog which has a weird, thrilling, frightening, slightly exhibitionist feeling to it. Yes, these are things that aren’t that big of a deal to some people–but to me, I am pushing my boundaries and trying new things. I am trying to think more positively and use my discomfort as a form of motivation and a fuel for action.

In addition to pushing myself physically, mentally and emotionally I also want to push myself financially. I am the type of person that likes to have a lot of money in savings. Given my recent posts on my hospital bill, job situation, etc I am sure you can understand why. However, I want to find the lowest common denominator of me being comfortable and able to pay my bills while also paying off as much debt as possible.

Today I paid off $2,000 in student loan debt, which will put my graduate student loans at just about $46,200. Knowing that I carry that balance at 7.9% interest is my real motivator. The interest is like the devil manifest coming to steal all my income and my soul. But I will show him! I can play this game! And that’s exactly what it is….a game.

This is a big deal for someone who doesn’t even make 2k in a month. I figure that the hospital bill getting covered 100% is nothing short of a miracle and I should re-appropriate that money towards my debt. Aside from the would-be-$1600-hospital bill, I’ve also made about $400 in extra income last month.

So I’ve made my biggest payment yet. I wish I felt better about this, but quite frankly I feel uncomfortable. And that is exactly what I wanted to do….make myself uncomfortable and find that new level of comfort within my finances. I still have enough money to have some fun in Iceland, pay rent and have some savings left over. I have several checks on the way and more independent contractor work coming up.

I also feel that making yourself uncomfortable (especially with finances) is a great way to kick yourself into action. I know I am more motivated to hustle, work hard, and make this work. I know at the end of the day it all comes down to me, and I need to make it happen. There are many generous people in the world, and I got a great hand out from the hospital. I want to pay off my debt, so I can truly live the life I want and be generous to others too.


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